Macro Photography

Living Pixels was a website / forum dedicated to macro photography. However, it is no longer operating. If you are looking for a place to get information and advice on macro photography, I hope the following links will be helpful:

Macro Photography discussion forums

Macro World – FM forums
Active discussion board sharing images and advice on macro photography
Juza Nature Photography Discussion Forum
Photography forum with a number of active macro shooters
Macro and Still Life Photography Forum: Digital Photography Review
Discussion of macro photography equipment and technique, plus critique of photos on the forums of DP Review.
An online community devoted to the practices of photomacrography, amateur microscopy, and photomicrography.

Other useful Macro photography resources

No Cropping Zone
Macro photography tips blog by John Kimbler (Dalantech) who set up the original (no longer in existence) Living Pixels website. Lots of great photos and tips.
Enrico Savazzi – photography
Various tips and equipment reviews relating to macro photography, close-up photography, and Photomacrography.
Macro Art In Nature
Close-up photography blog of Michael Brown. Hasn’t been updated for a while, focuses more on the abstract side of close-up photography.
Extreme Macro

Information and advice focused on extreme macro photography (greater than 1:1 magnification). Articles on technique, lighting, and equipment.